There is a stoic adaptation to be found in the animal populations we encounter in our urban and suburban environs. As squirrels rummage through our attics and eat our garden tomatoes, coyotes stroll the edges of our city parks, birds and chipmunks fall prey to house cats, and raccoons and possums take nocturnal ambles through our backyards, we have found ourselves living among creatures who go about their natural order of business, just as we do.  This work celebrates both the creatures themselves, in their adaptability and intrinsic innocence, as well as their natural habitats, as diminishing or mediated as they might be.
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Run Rampant contemplates the relationships between human and animal, between wilderness and artifice, and between order and the unruly. The work considers the various lenses through which we view the fauna and flora that surround us.

The Urban Bestiary wallpaper, is created by digitally combining original pen and ink drawings, into a repeat pattern. Individual 8x10 prints of each animal portrait are available also (printed on cotton rag paper).