Installation worksand wall sculpture.


This body of work references the human body and its functions and processes, as well as the exuberant persistence of living forces, both deadly and benign. It also reflects on our inclination to try and impose order both in our own lives, as well as on the natural systems around us.
The works grow organically. The paper or fabric is stained and painted, then beginning with a shape, a cut, or a stitch, each new form responds to the ones that came before, replicating growth patterns as the marks slowly take over, spreading across the surface of the work.
In these pieces, I am contemplating the inevitability of change and my preoccupation with its effects, as I reflect on getting older, as well as my worries for the future of my daughter and the world she is inheriting: one of wonder and beauty certainly, but also one where beloved animals go extinct, viruses grow stronger and more deadly, and weather patterns are violent and unpredictable. This anxiety is built into the work.  The pieces contain a world in which a battle between chaos and control is being waged.


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