Run Rampant contemplates the relationships between human and animal, between wilderness and artifice, and between order and the unruly. The work considers the various lenses through which we view the fauna and flora that surround us.

There is a deliberate romanticism and even sentimentality to the works in Run Rampant, which has roots in Victorian sensibilities and its adornment and display. The objects are held apart from the viewer through the preciousness of the presentation, even as the ornamentation and embellishment create a lure. This stylistic device is adopted as a way to address the disconnect between ourselves and our rapidly diminishing green and wild spaces. It is also employed as means of memorializing the flora and fauna populations that are being drastically and often tragically altered by civilization, but which ultimately have the potential to survive and thrive in a world without us.
(excerpt from artist statement on this body of work)

These works are pen and ink and watercolor on hand-cut paper, arranged into layered drawings that have a sculptural, 3-dimensional, quality.

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